Faculty of Agricultural Social Science

Faculty of Agricultural Social Sciences emerged as a faculty in 1984 after bifurcation of Faculty of Agriculture into three faculties. Nevertheless, various departments of this faculty have been offering graduate and postgraduate degree programs since 1975, when the university was defunct Sindh Agriculture College. The Faculty plays an important role not only in offering degree programs in various disciplines but also in supporting academic programs of other faculties; offering compulsory courses in English, Statistics, Pakistan Studies & Islamic Studies. The Faculty has following academic departments.  Agricultural Economics  Agricultural Education Extension & Short Courses  Statistics  Rural Sociology  English  Islamic and Pakistan Studies The first four are degree awarding departments whereas the remaining two offer compulsory courses in their respective fields in all the Faculties of the University. Department of Agricultural Education Extension & Short Courses is also offering a doctoral program. It has a Micro Computer Laboratory with Internet facility for its faculty staff and students. Besides this, a library has been established in order to catering the need of the scholars/scientists and students of the Faculty.



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